Dunlop mattress

Dunlop mattress is in a way has a lot of advantages as a support layer. If you think about it with the way that the particle settled it gives it kind of a progressive resistance right as you press down on Dunlop latex. Going to press you, press down more, it’ll press back more. So, because of the fact that it’s getting denser the further into it. You get kind of like a spring you press down a little on a spring it presses back a little you press down on the spring. It presses back a lot, detail about the bed in a box mattress.


 Don’t laugh latex is more spring-like in that respect which in a sense gives it an advantage from a support standpoint not to say that ale is bad for support, but I think it’s fair to say that Dunlop has some advantages when used in support layer. Just by the same token that tale has some advantages, that comfort layer you can have an address that’s great made from all Dunlop were all towel away. I’m only giving you just sort of the nuances of like where there might be certain tiny advantages to one way or the other. But I may have buried the lead here and the crew true distinction that we think is actually more meaningful. When it comes to latex is less about tablet and Dunlap and we really don’t even focus on Long we focus on the degree to which is natural versus synthetic because we consider that to be the more meaningful distinction. To most people because the distinction there is three types of latex. You have synthetic latex, which is actually a petroleum-based product just like polyurethane foam that is made to emulate the exact characteristics of late depending it is latex. It’s just artificial synthetic.

Natural latex

Then on the other end of the spectrum you have a hundred percent natural latex, which is literally made from the sap of rubber tree. They made that porridge from the sap of the rubber tree. And then in the middle you have what they actually confusingly called natural latex. If they don’t call it all natural or a hundred percent natural it means it’s actually a natural blend. We on our website always call it natural blend when we know to be a blend not natural because we know that’s a misleading term. But you should know that when you’re in the store looking at a manufacturer’s website, if we just call it natural. It means it’s probably about 70% synthetic and only 30% actual saplings rubber tree. So those things we actually think have a pretty big distinction because for some people having natural materials is a really important criterion.