Have you ever thought of buying a mattress that best suits your body weight? If no, then start thinking about buying a new mattress that matches your body weight because a mattress according to your body weight adds the best comfort to your sleep hours. If you are thinking that one kind of mattress is good enough for all your family members, then you are wrong. Numerous factors count when buying a mattress that keeps you comfortable all night. These factors are height, shape, and weight of your body. The Length of the mattress doesn’t matter unless it is lesser than your height, but the thing that matters the most is the right cushioning and layering of the mattress according to bodyweight. Below is a guide for buying a best mattresses for hot sleepers that best matches your bodyweight.

Best Mattress for Lightweight Sleepers

People weighing below 150 pounds are considered skinny and thinner. Such people should go for a mattress that provides the best cushioning to their bones. In the case of thin people, a soft mattress would be the right choice.

A firm mattress for such body type is harmful, causing severe pain in the shoulders if you are sleeping in a side sleep position. A firm mattress may produce a hard effect in the response of your bodyweight.

The thickness of the mattress is not necessarily to be prominent for skinny people as the weight is not up to that much scale. A mattress with a soft upper layer of a maximum of two inches is more than enough to provide a comfortable sleep as the spine will align in a perfect position.

Best Mattress For Average Bodyweight Sleepers

People weighing 150 pounds and 210 pounds lie in the average bodyweight category. These people do not face any problems while sleeping as their body weight is not too heavy nor too light. People with average body weight can get the best sleep overnight if they do consider buying a mattress that matches their bodyweight.

Normal weighing people should not go for too soft or a too firm mattress. A slight combination of a soft upper layer and a firm lower layer, usually thicker in size is all that an average weighing person needs. In case if a person is suffering from back pain, he/she can go for a slightly firm mattress, but that should be only in case of pain.

Best Mattress For Heavyweight Sleepers

People weighing more than 230 pounds are considered heavyweight sleepers. These people should be very conscious while buying the mattress as their body weight should be distributed in a balanced way while sleeping. A soft mattress for a hefty body is a total waste of money, and a risk to your comfortable sleep as the body will sink into the mattress. Similarly, the firm mattress will not serve the purpose as it can cause pain in the shoulder and hips.

A thick mattress (10 to 14 inches) with dense foam and a firm lower layer is the best consideration for these people. Avoid buying a spring or air mattress, as it will be just a waste of money.