The holiday season is almost upon us and retailers have sounded the alarms for a massive Black Friday weekend for 2020. Lifestyle, home and personal care will once more be three of the most popular categories as shoppers prepare to save on multiple Black Friday deals.

Historically the Black Friday season lasts all the way up to the New Year’s sale. While data insights are indicating a slower season, retailers are increasingly going multichannel to ensure they get the stocks out.

Thanksgiving is usually the time when people begin their search for favorite products with the best Black Friday discounts. This search leads to a long holiday of shopping waiting for ideal moments when prices are slashed to the extreme.

The growth of mobile & ecommerce shopping does promise for a huge Black Friday season. With close to $12 billion in sales last Black Friday in the US, the increase in online shoppers will possibly double this number in 2020.

The lockdowns have already prevented shoppers from spending on necessities like home electronics, furniture, home decor, lifestyle technology and other essentials. As Black Friday arrives consumers will be looking for big discounts on essentials they may have planned for during lockdowns.

Top Products You Should Look Out For On Black Friday 2020

Bedding, Linen & Mattress Deals

One of the most popular categories on Black Friday both in-store and online. Beds, linens, pillows and mattresses are top sellers for many popular retailers when coupled with good service, timely delivery, and a sound returns & exchange policy.

2020 is already offering the best mattress sale Black Friday weekend with exclusive online offers and in-store discounts. Shoppers will also be interested in bundle offers with complete bedroom sets and linen sets at amazing prices.

Business Insider also ranked beds, linens and mattresses in the top 20 most popular products of Black Friday 2019. With predictions for increased ecommerce purchases, US retailers are offering some of the best mattress deals on Black Friday 2020 compared to last year with some going 60% down to get stocks rolling out.

Home & Kitchen Appliances

Home electronics remain some of the most popular products purchased during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Essential products including vacuum cleaners, TVs, refrigerators, cookers, blenders and many other electronics are available on ridiculous cut price Black Friday deals.


Furniture including handcrafted chairs, tables, and bedroom decor are some of the most discounted products during Black Friday. Renowned retailers are now clearing out stock to make way for new collections, especially with lower sales through the year during 2020.

Personal Care & Well Being

Personal Care and well-being products remain the quickest sellers, especially with BOGO and bundle offers during Black Friday. Skincare, herbal, makeup kits, men’s grooming kits, and fragrances are some of the most popular products to check out on Black Friday weekend.

Toys & Childcare

Black Friday offers parents a great chance to get discounted offers on toys, educational products, and clothing for kids. Superhero toys are some of the most popular among kids, with children’s clothing another very popular category during the weekend.